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Sea Fishing in and around Whitby
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Welcome to my website about fishing in and around Whitby in North Yorks.   I fished all my youth and up to my early 30's along the North Yorks coast up as far as the South Gare on the Tees.  I fished mainly this area as there was never any need to travel much further away and living in Redcar gave access to the scaurs which fished brilliantly for Cod over the winter months from the beginning of October until around end of March / April.

Whitby is probably the premier port in the UK for charter boat fishing and it still holds the record for the heaviest cod caught on rod and line in British waters, weighing in at an incredible 58lb 7ounces!   The fish was caught by Noel Cook aboard Stuart Johnson's boat, Sea Trek way back in 1992.

Whitby provides plenty of diversity when it comes to fishing.  From fishing aboard the many charter boats hoping for a record cod or ling from the many wrecks that adorn the North Sea, to fishing the Whitby piers, both into the outer side of the piers into the sea or to having a leisurely couple of hours fishing into the harbour for a nice sized Flounder or Plaice.

whitby west pier (graphic)

There are some excellent charter boats plying their trade out of Whitby, skippered by some of the most experienced skippers in the UK.  You are always in with a chance of a good catch aboard boats like Sea Urchin 3 skippered by Pete Rose.  Pete is a local guy and Sea Urchin 3 is one of the top boats in the Whitby charter fleet and has a great reputation for being able to get you among the fish.  Pete offers his anglers the choice to hire his rods and reels for their charter trip, saves having to bring loads of your own gear as he can also supply terminal tackle if needed.  His reels and rods are Penn multiplying reels and Fladen lightweight rods with no eyes missing or sticky tape holding everything together, end tackle is the same, the best, so please remember this when getting like for like quotes from charters that offer free tackle.  It's impossible or simply junk you don't get owt for nowt!

Trot On is another good charter boat, skippered by the experienced Paul Eddon.  His boat has won the Whitby sea fishing festival on no less than four separate occasions!
There are many other charter boats available to book but if you are wanting to fish one of the many fishing festivals over the year then you need to book early! At other times many of the charter boat skippers are willing to take single anglers to full fishing parties, but you will have to check with them for dates and times etc.

piers at whitby (image)If you prefer sea fishing from a pier or a jetty then look no further than the two piers at Whitby.
Both piers provide excellent fishing near enough all the year round. The West pier provides both easy access and parking, but the parking can be a bit hit and miss in the height of the summer months when 1000's of visitors descend on the town. The West Pier provides easy access for anyone who is confined to a wheel chair because of a disability or finds it hard to walk very far. As already mentioned the pier will be closed for a while over June and July but that will only restrict access to part of the pier, (the lower deck and the end).  You will still be able to take a stroll along half the length of it.  Everyone is hoping the work will be finished before the end of the Mackerel season!

One of the reasons I prefer Whitby pier, is that there is normally plenty of room to maneuver about and you can fish at a safe distance from others if you choose.
Both piers provide great fishing all year round.   Fish into the river for 'flatties' of all species, with eels normally in abundance using Lug Worm or Rag Worm and fish the seaward side for mackerel in the summer, using 'spinners' or float fish a bit of mackerel strip.
In the winter of course you can fish the seaward side of both Whitby piers for all your favourite species such as cod, whiting, coalfish etc. You can check out Magic Seaweed before your trip to see the latest weather reports and tidal conditions for the region or any region for that matter.

Saxon Lady charter boat (image)

Whitby is no exception to anywhere else for catching fish, apart from when you fish at whitby you tend to catch more! 

People from across the world visit the picturesque town of Whitby based at the mouth of the river Esk every year.  It is world famous because of the awesome tale written by Bram Stoker about Dracula.  Bram Stoker built his fictional character based on the research that he conducted in libraries in London and found some of his inspiration for Dracula after staying in Whitby.  Not forgetting of course probably the most famous seaman of all, Captain James Cook who lodged in Whitby when an apprentice.  You can also visit the Captain Cook Memorial Museum while out and about in Whitby.
Whitby has a timeless dimension about it's old cobbled streets, fish quay and harbour and the town is dominated by the cliff-top ruins of the beautiful 13th century Whitby Abbey.

There is plenty of accommodation if you want to stay over for a few days fishing in the winter, accommodation should be quite easy to find.  
In the summer months though it is highly recommended that you book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

It is a traditional maritime town, with old cobbled streets, picturesque houses and boasts a sandy blue flag beach.  It is a great place to take a holiday or enjoy a long weekend break in the summer, so if you have a family bring them along then and let them enjoy the diverse attractions which includes Pannett Park and Whitby Museum, ( the Pannett Art Gallery and Whitby Museum are both housed in the same building),  the Victorian Jet Works, while you enjoy a few hours or a full days trip on one of the many charter boats to catch your favourite species.  
Whitby runs fishing festivals throughout the year, the summer festival being the biggest.

You can also find a local fishing site with plenty of info & tackle for sale, new and used on facebook at Saltburn & Whitby Puddle Chuckers

Why not come along and enjoy some very good sea fishing in Whitby ?

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