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whitby sea fishing (image)

The 2018 Whitby summer festival has a £5000 top prize for the heaviest fish caught

Thousands of people flock to Whitby every year to enjoy the sea fishing and the many events in and around the harbour area. There are plenty of activities to please all members of the family.

Whitby sea fishing is probably some of the best fishing in the country, no matter what time of year. Whitby offers some of the hardest fishing through to some of the easiest fishing anywhere.  You can fish from the pier in Whitby, very easy access, catching Cod, Whiting and more from October to March/April.
Spinning accounts for Mackerel which are normally in abundance during the summer months.  Flat fish of all varieties, coalfish and eels are present throughout the year.  I remember catching 'flatties' the size of dustbin lids in the 'river' side of the pier in my young days.

Sandsend beach just a couple of miles down the road provides plenty of variety of fish all year long.
Some of the locals fish from the top of the cliffs at Sandsend, certainly not recommended for anyone not knowing the area, but goes to show the diversity of the fishing in and around Whitby.

You'll find plenty on our website, charter boats, places that provide fishing accommodation, and much more information about Whitby sea fishing.  You can find places that will hire you tackle, most skippers offer this service if you are a first timer and want to try before you buy, collect your bait on arrival, saves having to bring it with you and many of the Charter skippers also run B & B's or guest houses.

You'll find the contact details of the skippers, how many anglers they can take and what sort of trips they run from their home port.  The trips can vary from a few hours to a few days.  A lot of the charter boat skippers are ex-trawler men and have been fishing all their lives.  They know how to put you into the fish on the wreck's and hot spots in their area.  Individual anglers who fancy a fishing trip can often be accommodated by most of the boats, the skippers will do their best to accommodate you, coming with a big party of anglers isn't always a necessity.

Quite a few ports run festivals and events throughout the year, Whitby is no exception.  These can range from just small events to big festivals where the prize money can run into £1000's.  The Whitby summer festival has a whopping £5000 top prize for the heaviest fish caught!  You can read all the Festival Results and see pictures of some of the fantastic fish caught by following the link.

Just think about the prestige of winning one of these events or landing a new record fish which seems to happen on a regular basis through out the year.  Do you fancy catching a cod, ling, pollock, bass, whiting or conger eel of a size that most only can dream of?

With the charter boats and skippers that are listed on this site, the chance of a record fish is more than just a possibility!  Whitby harbour has a prolific name as probably the best fishing port in the country.  Anglers from all over the United Kingdom travel to this port for pleasure fishing or to take part in the festivals and events that happen throughout the year.

Why not join them and enjoy some deep sea fishing ?

You can find the Final Results of the Summer Festival HERE

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