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Hotel, B&B's &Guest Houses accommodating the fisherman

Akios Reels
It won't break the bank to get your hands on one of these beauties...

Akios Reels Review
First impressions, looks the part and the feel of it is rock solid. you get a feeling of real chunkiness about it.

Akios S-Line 656 series of reels
The S-Line 656 series has been very carefully designed to cater for the very demanding sport of beach and shore fishing...

Akios S-Line 656 CS
S-line 656 CS which is a 6500 sized reel with centrifugal braking system, level-wind, chrome plated brass corrosion resistant side plates and stainless steel power handle.

Akios S-Line 656 CSM
The Akios S-line 656 CSM is the same specification as the S-Line 656 CS but with the added feature of an adjustable magnetic braking system.

Akios S-Line 656 CTM
Akios flagship reel is the S-line 656 CTM, which is the casters dream due to all the technical specification.

Akios Sportcast Shuttle 656 CSM
The Akios Sportcast Shuttle 656 SCM is the ultimate in high quality casting reels made from top quality materials...

Akios S-line 757 series of reels
The S-line 757 series reels are the big brothers to the S-line 656 series and are used for...

Akios S-Line 757 CS
The S-line 757 series reels are the big brothers to the S-line 656 series...

Akios S-Line 757 CT
has many of the features of the 757CS but eliminates the level wind and sports a CT open frame...

Akios S-Line 757 CTM
The ultimate big water casting reel.  Proven durability corrosion resistant bearings and Multi Disc Carbon Drag System...

Captain Cook Museum
The Museum is in the 17th century house in Grape Lane on Whitby's harbour...

Charter Boats
Charter boats registered at Whitby

Coastguard Station Closures
The government now want to cut funding on saving lives....

Disabled Angling
This section is about disabled angling facilities available around the country...

Bram Stoker found some of his inspiration for Dracula after staying in Whitby

Festivals & Events
An index of what's happening in Whitby throughout the year

Fishing Book Store
A selection of books on fishing from Bass fishing to Sea fishing to Trout fishing and Course Fishing

Fishing Tackle shops
In and around Whitby

Fishing Video Tutorials
Fishing Video Tutorials showing different casting techniques, tying knots...

Glossary of fishing terminology
Fishing terms explained

Whitby is probably the premier port in the UK for charter boat fishing and it still holds the record for the heaviest cod caught on rod and line in British waters

Piers to Fish From
The choice is great here in the United Kingdom...

Popular Cod Baits
Here is a list describing various cod baits used around our coastal regions but not including all - just the most popular.

Redcar Pier
Redcar NEEDS a pier, that is, a PROPER one...

Reels on Wheels
Reels on Wheels is a charitable Organisation and is self funding...

Save Skinningrove Jetty
Skinningrove residents need the help of everyone to save this beautiful Yorkshire jewel...

Summer Festival 2012
This summer's Whitby festival had a £5000 top prize for the heaviest fish caught...

Summer Festival Results
1st - £5,000 - David Shay - Doncaster - 22 lb 08 1/2oz - Cod - Sea Urchin 2 + Heaviest Cod - £500

Tide Tables & Weather Check
Tide table & weather check for the Whitby area

Whitby Abbey
Whitby Abbey is one of the most atmospheric locations in England...

Whitby Jet
Whitby Jet is known the world over for its beautiful soft texture ...

Whitby Museum and Pannett Park
Pannett Art Gallery and Whitby Museum are both housed in the same building


Ashford Guest House
Come as a guest - Leave as a friend.


The George Hotel
The George Hotel is ideal for fishing parties......


The Endeavour Cottage
located in one of the most charming extremely quiet and no way through ......

Caravan Park
Sandfield Caravan Park is a 5 star touring park, set in the beautiful undulating country side...

Charter Boats

Sea Urchin
Whitby's No 1 Charters ....

Heaviest Fish of the Month Competition
Every angler who fishes on the Sea Urchin II between the 1st April-31st...

Trot On
Whitby's first offshore 105 charter boat ....

Fishing Tackle Shops

Redcar Angling Centre
Owned and managed by Denise Waring and John Waring - Established 1982

BlakDogTackle supply quality online fishing tackle to...

North Sea Bait Supply
High quality fresh and frozen sea baits delivered nationwide.....

Articles written by John Staten

Bass Fishing
You can use jigs, jelly worms, lures, plugs, poppers, bottom fish or float fish for catching Bass.

Blueys have been mentioned a lot in the angling press....

Cod Baits - Article
Lugworm - Ragworm - Mussel - Peeler Crab - Razor Fish - Squid - Mackerel - Herring...

Cod Fishing - Article
Cod are the one fish, with maybe the exception of Bass, that really stir the primeval hunting instincts.....

Crab Bait - Article
This is an article written about various crab baits that are popular around our coast.

Crab Cart
Crab cart is the insides of an edible crab, as simple as that.  You can get the crabs from most fishmongers / shell fish suppliers.

Fish to catch from whitby piers in December - Article
There have been a few good reports of fish being caught from all along the N/east coast so hopefully this will continue.

Hermit Crab
Hermit crabs are an under-rated and an under used sea fishing bait...

Lugworm comes in many guises, Blow Lug, Black Lug, Yellow Tails, Runnydown, they are a top cod bait.

A great variety of other fish will readily take mackerel...

Mussel is a very under-rated bait and a lot of anglers are missing out by not using it.

Peeler Crab
This is a bait that will be top of most anglers lists of priorities at the start of the cod season

Prawns are easy to collect and one of the deadliest baits...

King Rag - Harbour Rag / Maddies - White Rag

A lot of anglers fail to realise that razor fish are a natural food source for many species of fish.

Sand Eels
Sand eels often catch more fish than any other bait...

It can be fished by itself or as a cocktail with just about anything.

Winter Sea Fishing in Whitby - Article
It's that time of the year now when grown men are reduced to a quivering wreck at ...





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Cod Fishing

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Article on Beach Shelters

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