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Redcar Pier?

Redcar NEEDS a pier, that is, a PROPER one!  With all that is going on to rejuvenate the area and update the sea defences along the promenade, the council came up with the bright idea to build a pier upwards, yes that's correct, directly pointing skywards, now I ask you, what pier did you EVER walk along that points UPWARDS?

Personally if the project had been called anything apart from a pier then there probably wouldn't have been so much opposition to it, but what it has done is alienate a lot of the local folk but it has given them a new desire to have a proper pier to be able to walk ALONG, the design of which would of course be up to the latest technology levels.  I live outside of the area now but return on a regular basis to visit family and friends and have always wished that Redcar could get it's pier back.
I would like to see a Redcar Pier built where the old one stood, along the east scaur, a good rock solid base for it. I also love my sea fishing and I do know from personal experience that the East Scaur fishes it's socks off when you can get onto it, which has to be over low water, with a pier there it would give access to some great fishing at all states of the tide.  There could be all sorts placed on the pier to attract people back to the area, shops, theatre, amusements, shelters, a fishing tackle shop at the entrance, a gift shop, you name it, any amount of things.

A lot of the piers down south run angling clubs and competitions for all anglers but also for under sixteen's.  Pier fishing is a great way to get youngsters involved in such a great sport.

pier (graphic)

Deal pier in Kent is a prime example, there are 2 fishing club houses on the end and a newly refurbished glass cafe which incorporates toilets and also 'disabled' toilets and facilities.   I regularly use the pier to fish from when I'm often in the area.  The cafe is rented out which provides income for the council and the club houses are provided by the council for use by the clubs and their members, many of whom are youngsters.  They run under sixteen fishing competitions, where the older guys help out and give advice and their own experience to the next generation.  As most fishermen will tell you, once you have caught your first fish you are literally 'hooked' for life, it's that addictive.  Far better to be addicted to a sport than drugs don't you think?  

They also run 'crabbing' competitions for the youngsters to see who can catch the most crabs, doesn't matter the size, just the amount, but you can imagine some of the squeals when a youngster pulls up a crab bigger than the palm of their hand.  They make these days a real family 'fun' day which gets printed in the local paper and the clubs run competitions etc to raise funds for their local charities.  Getting youngsters involved keeps them off the streets and out of trouble hopefully, that is until 'Dad' gets upset when they want to start using his 'good' fishing equipment!  The Redcar area is surrounded with some great places to get your own bait without having to pay a small fortune for it, especially when you are a youngster.
As said, once 'hooked', then 'hooked' for life.  Not only that but helps to put some really good FRESH food on the table at little or no cost.

There is a small charge for fishing but public access is free, which is the way it should be if you think about it.  The public will come from all over the area, so helping to boost the local economy.  That's shops, B&B's, hotels, in general, the tourist trade.  I often stay in B&B's over the winter months when fishing the south coast, the hoteliers are glad of the trade believe me at that time of the year.  A Redcar pier would attract fishermen from all over the north of England and possibly further a field, the fishing is that good.
A pier in Redcar could have it's own website, a few piers do, with reports about recent fish caught (with pic's), and competitions coming up, plus any other events taking place on the pier and Redcar itself.   A lot of things could be organised to lift the profile of it and get local people involved, it just needs a bit of imagination on the councils part to see the benefits to the local area and the people.

It would or could provide employment for some, pier attendants could be used to oversee that the pier is looked after and NOT abused.  Unfortunately in today's society there are always the idiots who like to spoil things for others.  They seem to get some sort of crazy satisfaction out of it.  With 'club houses' on the end, the members themselves could help to 'police' the place and make sure that anything happening that shouldn't, is reported to the pier attendants for them to decide what action is to be taken.  If thought about properly it could be a great asset to Redcar and the area.

pier at night (image)

Saltburn down the road, had a great pier at one time but due to short sighted council members of the era, they let the sea and nature do what they wanted anyway, but without a public outcry.  They blew away the 'half-penny' bridge and then let the pier disintegrate.  Yes, I am that old, what a disgrace they were.
It has been renewed or should I say what is left of it.  I was told by a local shop keeper on my first return to the area for many years that the pier had been 're-built', well if that is rebuilt I don't see it.
It has the end chamfered at each corner, with the boards and some pylons replaced but that isn't 're-building' it as far as I'm concerned.  The tide leaves it high and dry at low water for goodness sake. Hopefully the members of the council will be turning in their graves because of what they did to the town back in the late 60's & early 70's.

All towns that have a pier have a thriving town and economy with visitors from far and wide, there really is something very unique and attractive about piers. Take a look at one of the other pages on this website about piers.

So come on council, get your finger out and start searching for the funding, plenty of our european partners are getting grants and subsidies for things far less of an asset to an area than this would be!  Has anyone in the council got any imagination? Build it now and save future generations £millions in building costs, plus what a legacy to leave our grand kiddies and their families, now wouldn't that be nice?

A Redcar Pier would do wonders for the area!

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