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Glossary of Fishing Terms used by Anglers

Memory free solid monofilament line. Ideal for traces, leaders, shooting and running line. Very popular with sea anglers in rig making... see also Muppet .

Anchor Lamp
A lamp so hard to light that they inevitably end up being used for ballast.

Bait Needle
Used for stitching artificial worms... see also Ragworm .

Bale Arm
The arm used by an angler when winding up an overhead thump due to being wound up by a mackerel fisherman.

(1) A mythical fish that many try to entice using funny little bits of painted wood but never manage to see never mind catch one in their lifetime.  Akin to the Easter Bunny, Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy.  (See also Hook)
(2) It used to be a great pint of draught beer many years ago but now unfortunately is as elusive as a red herring.

Beach Buddy
(1) A small one-man type tent.  (2) Four wheeled Volkswagen based vehicle popular among the surfing fraternity.

The first guitar made by the Fender company, the relatively unknown predecessor to the Stratocaster. Probably first used on the record 'Surfin USA' by the Beachboys back in 1963.

Berkley Swivel
The act of turning to accept a cigarette from a fellow angler.

Bird's Nest
(1) An over-run on a multiplier reel during casting   (2)  A ladies bedroom.

Boat Rod
Wooden stick with a v shaped metal end used for parking boats.

Breaking Strain
The amount of times an angler can withstand being reeled in by a mackerel fisherman .

Brighton Style
The haircut favoured by most pier fishermen.

Butt Section  Back to trotting
(1) The bottom half of a fishing rod.  (2) The toilet block on a beach side car park.

Cat Gut
Old fashioned term for fishing line.  No longer in common use as it is now known that cats do have guts but it stretches too much for modern day fishing.

What it normally is in the middle of December stood on the end of Whitby pier, this word can sometimes be prefixed by the word 'very'.

Coleman Lamp
Variation of the famous Davy lamp as used by generations of cole miners.

Cotton Bud
Small plastic stick with fluffy ends for cleaning the ears, commonly mistaken as an item of fishing tackle.

Crab cart
(1) A four wheeled contraption normally found outside Tesco's, Sainsbury's etc that only goes sideways.
(2)Traditionally used for towing heavy tackle boxes and bags of fish back to the car.

The less said on this subject the better. 

Crack Off
Ukrainian tournament caster.

The process of walking home and catching no fish.

Double Patting
The action of slapping one's trouser pockets in turn when asked for petrol money.

Fishing Club
Typically the handle of a lump hammer that has been drilled out and filled with lead.

Float Fishing
The art of retrieving ones unattached float from the sea, with nothing more than ones rod tip after a period of bad angling.

Flotation Suit
Worn by city gents at the stock market.

Flounder Spoon
Used with Flounder knife and fork.

The arm muscles developed by tournament casters to develop more force when casting.

Fishing Permissions Officer. (The wife!)

Living quarters anywhere in London, innit?

Greased Weasel
(1) A make of fishing line.  (2) A much loved popular cooked meat in a roll often served by beach side cafes.

Ground Bait
Lesser known sequel to a popular television program, where 3 celebrity gardeners festoon your garden with squid while you are at the shops.

(1) A clever advertisement to entice a fisherman to spend his live savings on a new rod and reel.
(2) The punch administered by said fisherman's wife after he spends their life savings (see also, Right Hook, Left Hook).
(3) A curved piece of metal used to catch fish.

Impact Shield
The act of crossing the forearms in front of the face to protect yourself when dealt an overhead thump .

A dance to do on the beach that keeps you warm whilst waiting for a bite.

Those horrible brown and black things found behind your kids unwashed ears 

An object that is semi-enticing to fish, but will drive an angler into such a frenzy that he will max out his credit card to the limit before exiting the tackle shop.

Main Line
A way of getting home after your car refuses to start after sitting in sub zero temperatures all night.

Mackerel Fisherman  Back to top
An angler that uses very little knowledge coupled with cheap equipment and no bait to catch vast amounts of fish.

Match Fishing
The act of trying to equal the catch of a better angler.

A fisherman's mode of transport with one broken headlight.

A reel so named because of its ability to 'multiply' the amount of time you spend untangling your line after casting, ie a ratio of 5.3 means you spend 5.3 times as much time sorting out the mess as the bloke next to you with a fixed spool.

(1) Term applied to the angler who only realises which vital item of tackle has been left in the garage on arrival at some distant venue.  (2) Artificial lures in the shape of Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.  Back to Top

What you get in the pit of your stomach just as your rod slides over the side of the boat while attached to the fish you always dreamed about.

Overhead Thump
The physical reaction caused by an angler reaching breaking strain.

The bar stools where the males sit in northern towns to admire the local Power Pro's.

The added bonus of finding some unowned tackle lying on the beach.

Sometimes the only remedy for a severe case of 'rotten bottom'

Power Gum
(1) Has numerous uses most popular is for Stop/Marker knot's. (2) Retains it's flavour for more than the first five chews.

Power Pro
Very muscular lady of the night not to be messed with!

Professional Angler
An angler that uses vast amounts of knowledge coupled with expensive equipment and exotic baits to catch very little indeed.

Rag Worm  Back to top
An artificial lure commonly made from old shoe laces or shirt cuffs.

Term used to describe fishing when nothing has been caught.

The act of handing money over to a tackle dealer.

A weighted object that causes a rod to sink quickly when dropped overboard

Reel Oil
Do not confuse this oil with cheap immitations, it's not a copy, this IS the reel deal !

Reel seat
An actual place to sit down and take a rest.

Rod rest
A period of inactivity when every other fisherman's rod is showing bite after bite while yours stays motionless.

A vehicle used by fishermen.

Rig Wallet
A normal wallet tied to a length of fishing line for joke purposes.

Rubber Eel
Usually found behind a rubber sole on a rubber boot.

Rubby Dubby
A shark appetiser believed to be made from car number plates and missing surfers.

Seat Box
Handy storage area for chairs.

Severe Gale Warning
The uneasy feeling in the pit of the stomach after consuming a Greased Weasel .

Shock Leader
The main story in the local paper concerning some scandal about your local fishing club chairman.

Snap swivel
A piece of terminal tackle guaranteed to break open the minute your double figure cod is about to be landed.  

Specimen size
The typical size a mediocre fish grows to when it's captor is telling his mates about it in the local pub later.

Squid cocktail
A flavour of crisps.  All crisps are squid cocktail flavour when eaten within 5 mins of baiting up despite what the packet says.

Super Pool
Another name for the sea between the West coast of Ireland and the United States of America.

Telescopic Rod
Unlike it's optical cousin, the telepscopic rod makes distant objects seem much further away than they actually are.

Tilley Lamp
The lamp used to illuminate the steering handle of a small boat.

Tip Light
The art of lighting a cigarette in the dark without burning a hole in the side.

Tip Section
The pages of a sea fishing magazine that are dedicated to giving you false information and false hope.  Normally written by a fisherman who no longer fishes.

Name applied to female anglers from Essex.

The journey to the Butt Section after consuming a Greased Weasel .

The act of continuously packing up and starting again as the tide comes in.

The holiday makers on the beach that make daylight fishing in the summer almost impossible.

A short rest from fishing... see also Greased Weasel .





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