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Festival Results - Summer 2018

Overall Leaderboard - Top 3 Places Wins A Prize

Daily Winners

Day 1
Saturday 23rd June Results

1st-Philip Naylor-York-11lb-02oz-Cod-Mistress
2nd-Martin Stewart-Leeds-08lb-12oz-Cod-Jean K'
3rd-Sam Anderson-Beverley-08lb-09oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

Species section
Adam Richardson-Featherstone-0lb-08oz-29.90%-Norway Haddock-Two Dogs

Day 2
Sunday 24th June Results

1st-Krzysztof Napierrola-Driffield-13lb-01oz-Cod-Mistress
2nd-Mark Whitehouse-Pontefract-10lb-13oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2
3rd-Trevor-Thornton-Doncaster-09lb-05oz-Ling-Trot On

Junior section
Adam Ward-Whitby-07lb-03oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111
Ladies section
Dee Winter-Doncaster-06lb-14oz-Cod-Sea Urchin 111

Day 3
Monday 25th June Results

1st-Graham Neild-Bury-10lb-08oz-Ling-Two Dogs
2nd-Chris Lax- Beverley-08lb-02oz-Cod-Alexia
Joint 3rd-Anthony Farrugia-Stockport-08lb-00oz-Ling-Two Dogs
Joint 3rd-Martin Pacey-Borresford (Notts)-08lb-00oz-Ling-Mistress

Species section
G Bharuchi-Leicester-01lb-10oz-Pouting-30.07%-Sea Urchin 111 (takes the lead in the Species section)

Day 4
Tuesday 26th June Results
1st-Paul Kay-York-08lb-04oz-Ling-Two Dogs
2nd-Andy Gregson-Preston-06lb-11oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2
3rd-Anthony Mullarkey-Preston-06lb-00oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2

Day 5
Wednesday 27th June Results
1st-Brian Leigh-Bolton-09lb-08oz-Ling-Sea Urchin 111
2nd-Dave Grondy-Bolton-06lb-07oz-Cod-Sea Urchin 111
Joint 3rd-Alan Beale-Middlesbrough-06lb-04oz-Ling-Two Dogs
Joint 3rd-Jeff McNeil-Malton-06lb-04oz-Cod-Mistress

Day 6
Thursday 28th June Results
1st-Chris Martin-Shiptonthorpe (near York)-10lb-10oz-Ling-Jean K'
2nd-Alam Zeb-Oldham-08lb-09oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2
3rd-Brian Frost-Sheffield-07lb-12oz-Cod-Two Dogs

Haddock Section
Mark Shepherdson-Gilberdyke (East York's)-01lb-00oz-Jean K'

Day 7
Friday 29th June Results
1st-Steve Davie-Southampton-17lb-07oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2 (take's the overall lead)
2nd-Alan Bull-York-14lb-05oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2 (goes 1st in the Cod section)
3rd-Tim Briggs-Goole-12lb-13oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

Junior section
Adam Ward-Whitby-07lb-10oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111 (take's the lead in the Junior section)

Day 8
Saturday 30th June Results
1st-Junior-Daniel Johnson-Whitby-20lb-07oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2 (take's the overall lead and 1st in the junior section)
2nd-Shaun Haywood-Stoke-11lb-14oz-Ling-Trot On
3rd-Nigel Hall-East Cowton (N.Yorks)-08lb-11oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

Day 9
Sunday 1st July Results
1st-Steve Gillespie-Doncaster-08lb-13oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2
2nd-Steven Lyon-Manchester-06lb-11oz-Ling-Jean K'
3rd-Andrew Lister-Pontefract-06lb-09oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

Day 10
Monday 2nd July Results
1st-George Martin Carver-Saltburn-13lb-02oz-Ling-sea Urchin 111
2nd-Danny Smith-Whitby-06lb-14oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2
3rd-Paul Cookson-Preston-06lb-07oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

Haddock section
David Tipping-Harrogate-01lb-12oz-Jean K' (take's the lead in the Haddock section)

Day 11
Tuesday 3rd July Results
1st-Michael T Bailey-Wigan-11lb-13oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2
2nd-Kristian Harrison-Whitby-11lb-11oz-Ling-Trot On
3rd-Lance Huggins-Oldham-09lb-15oz-Ling-Trot On

Day 12
Wednesday 4th July Results
1st-Steve Botham-Fiskerton (Nott's)-12lb-10oz-Ling-Jean K'
2nd-Martin Warmsley-Preston-11lb-12oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111
3rd-Alan Bull-York-11lb-06oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

Day 13
Thursday 5th July Results
1st-Duncan Ford-London-10lb-15oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111
2nd-Martin Stewart-Leeds-09lb-14oz-Ling-Jean K'
3rd-Paul Pantellerisco-Stockport-09lb-09oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2

Ladies section
Shirl Newsome-Whitby-08lb-09oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2 (take's the lead in the Ladies section)

Species Section
Duncan Ford-London-01lb-14oz-Pouting-34.08%-Shy Torque 111 (take's the lead in the Species section)

Day 14
Friday 6th July Results
1st-Richard Stenson-Halifax-10lb-05oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2
2nd-Philip Hickling-Coalville (Leicester shire)-09lb-01oz-Ling-Alliance
3rd-James Green-Holmfirth-08lb-06oz-Ling-Jean K'

Day 15
Saturday 7th July Results
1st-Robert Gillings-Middlesbrough-12lb-02oz-Cod-Jean K' (goes 3rd in the Cod section)
2nd-Philip Peace-York-09lb-03oz-Ling-Two Dogs
3rd-junior-Henry Evans-Doncaster-08lb-14oz-Ling-Two Dogs (goes 2nd in the junior section)

Species Section
Ian Nicholson-Pickering-08lb-10oz-Wolf fish-32.85%-Two Dogs (goes 2nd in the Species section)

Day 16
Sunday 8th July Results
1st-Richard Todd-Hornsea-15lb-04oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111 (goes 3rd overall and 2nd in the Ling section)
2nd-Simon Leon-Manchester-12lb 09oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2
3rd-Wayne Holmes-Huddersfield-11lb-06oz-Ling-Two Dogs

Ladies section
Caitlyn Maywell-Yarm-09lb-10oz-Ling-Sea Spray (goes 1st in the Ladies section)

Haddock section
Ben Humon-St Andrews-01lb-06oz-Trot On (goes 2nd in the Haddock section)

Day 17
Monday 9th July Results
1st-Chris Mangan-Whitby-17lb-05oz-Ling-Trot On-(goes 3rd overall and 2nd in the Ling Section)
2nd-Ian Kellock-Hull-09lb-12oz-Ling-Sea Urchin 111
3rd-Jason Shields-Driffield-09lb-08oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

Day 18
Tuesday 10th July Results

Day 19
Wednesday 11th July Results
1st-Steve Rae-Doncaster-27lb-13oz-Halibut-Alliance (take's the lead overall)
2nd-Richard Clayton-Rotherham-11lb-07oz-Ling-Trot On
3rd-Bill Snow-Doncaster-09lb-14oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

Day 20
Thursday 12th July Results
1st-Mark Ladds-Whitby-10lb-04oz-Cod-Mistress
2nd-Andy Officer-Hull-09lb-13oz-Cod-Mistress
3rd-Chris Burniston-Sheffield-08lb-12oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

Day 21
Friday 13th July Results
1st-Andrew White-Whitby-08lb-11oz-Cod-Jean K'
2nd-Tony Hunt-Sheffield-07lb-02oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2
3rd-Fred King-Sheffield-07lb-00oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2

Species section
Paul Best-Wakefield-02lb-01oz-Pouting-38.09%-Trot On (take's the lead in the Species section)

Day 22
Saturday 14th July Results
1st-Junior-Jordan Ford-Whitby-12lb-15oz-Ling-Alliance (take's 2nd in the Junior section)
2nd-Andy Bouttell-Doncaster-08lb-14oz-Ling-Two Dogs
3rd-Neil Morris-Darlington-08lb-01oz-Ling-Mistress

Day 23
Sunday 15th July Results
1st-Artur Karbrz-Skipton-07lb-06oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111
2nd-Peter Bellany-Sheffield-06lb-00oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2 (no photo)
3rd-Alex Jeffcock-Sheffield-05lb-14oz-Ling-Two Dogs

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