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There are a lot of beach shelters and tents on the market now to encourage you to spend your hard earned money but which type, style would suit your kind of fishing?

To be honest most of any kind can at certain times/ venues be the one to use.  Let's look at the whys and wherefores of most of them. There are a lot of different types but all do the same job.  This article on beach shelters is not written to promote any of them in particular but to show you the different ones available to you.

What most of us are after here as with most types of beach shelters, is something that is light to carry and also quick and easy to put up but will keep the elements off you and your gear.  Of course it is horses for courses, in the N/east where I originate from a beach buddie is really not of much use as most beaches are very shallow and the tide goes out maybe 300 to 400 yards or so, it means you have a long walk back and forth or you will have to move every 20 or 30 minutes to accommodate the incoming or outgoing tide, which isn't really practical.

The two styles that come to mind are the 'Igloo' type and the 'Beach Buddie' beach shelters.  The 'Beach Buddie' is the one for me, mainly because back up in the North of England as they always say, we are 'canny' with our money. The 'Beach Buddie', depending on which make, can be about half the price of the 'Igloo'.

There are a lot of makes out there which use the 'beach buddie' style of design. Beach Buddie Shelter (image)
These are very much like a conventional tent.  The fronts on some do pull right across and are able to be fastened closed.  I have found with mine, it does depend how far part you have the legs splayed, the more together they are then the more upright it stands.  They also come in a few different colour's to pick from.

If you place the back towards the wind then you should have no trouble keeping the weather out and also you need the front open a wee bit to keep an eye on your rod or rods, don't want to miss a bite do we?
They do have a 'flap' round the base on three sides which enables you to secure it down using shingle or sand, we don't want it blowing away in a big blow!

There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing how easy they are to put up, just put 'beach buddie' or the specific name of a shelter into a YouTube search and you will find lots to choose from.

The 'Igloo' beach shelter has been designed by Ian Golds and it has to be said, gives more room than most 'beach Igloo Beach Shelter (graphic) buddies' which is good.  Easy to put up and take down.  With the beach shelter being a triangular shape it helps to dispel the water off the beach shelter and not let it gather in puddles on top of the shelter as can happen with a 'buddie'.  This shape also helps in cutting down wind resistance so helping to make the Igloo stable in strong winds.

They come with little Velcro fasteners stitched to the top of the side panels on the outside, this helps if you have spare rods, they can be attached there and keeps them off the floor so they can't be walked on or damaged.  It does also come with 3 sturdy plastic ground pegs, which is a handy accessory if using it in on a grassy bank (fishing the Thames at the likes of Gravesend comes to mind), or maybe in a field while Tournament Casting.

The Shakespeare beach shelter has been designed so that it attaches to their Salt Rod Rest.  The beach shelter is made up of heavy duty PU nylon, has two internal zipped pockets and has strong elasticated toggle fastening on the front legs of the rod rest, with a heavy duty velcro fastening for the rear leg and it also has a sand/gravel pocket on each side, all contained in its own carry bag.
The only draw-back as I see it, is that if you look at the picture you will see that you are looking upwards at quite an acute angle to watch your rod tips, so depending, you could end up with a stiff neck.

So there you have it, with 'beach buddies' plenty of choice on makes, all varying in price, with the Igloo and Salt shelters being exclusive to their own makers.  There are also the shelters/bivvies used by the fresh water fishermen for 2 or 3 days trips or more but that is another article all on it's own!

Before buying, do ask around your fishing mates or ask on any of the fishing forums now on the internet and I am sure you will get loads of different opinions to help you decide which might be the best of the beach shelters for you.

Author's Resource: Sea Fishing Articles by John Staten.
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