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Festival Results - Spring 2014

Overall Leaderboard - Top 3 Places Wins A Prize

1st For £1000 - 1st-Mike Dearing-Beverley-20lb-07 1/2oz-Cod-Mistress
2nd - Arthor Karbarz-Skipton-14lb-15oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111

Daily Winners

Day 1

1st-Arthor Karbarz-Skipton-14lb-15oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111
Joint 2nd-A Cunningham-Rotherham-07lb-04 1/2oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2
Joint 2nd-Paul Butler-Pontefract-07lb-04 1/2oz-Cod-Jean-'K'

Day 2

1st - Dean Clews - Whitby-03lb-01 1/2oz - Mistress
2nd - Dean Clews - Whitby - 02lb-10oz - Cod - Mistress
3rd - Dean Clews - Whitby-02lb-08 1/2oz-Cod - Mistress

Day 3

1st-Adam Greaves-Whitby-08lb-02oz-Cod-Mistress
2nd-Ashley Cain-York-07lb-14oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2
3rd-Ashley Cain-York-07lb-10oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

Day 4

Joint 1st  - Derek Wiggins - Leeds - 03lb-01 1/20z - Cod-Shy Torque 111
Joint 1st  - Derek Wiggins - Leeds - 03lb-01 1/20z - Cod-Shy Torque 111
3rd - Derek Wiggins-Leeds - 02lb-15oz - Cod - Shy Torque 111

Shy Torque 111 only boat out due to weather forecast.

Day 5

1st-Steve Drury-Hucknall(Notts)-09lb-09 1/2oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2
2nd-Steve Drury-Hucknall(Notts)-06lb-05oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2
3rd-Terry Seaton-Hull-05lb-13oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111

Day 6

1st-Mike Dearing-Beverley-20lb-07 1/2oz-Cod-Mistress-New Leader
2nd-John Purvis-Whitby-09lb-13oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111
3rd-Shaun Pickles-Selby-09lb-11oz-Cod-Avante

Day 7

1st-Hayley Worthington-Preston-11lb-03 1/2oz-Ling-Trot On 2
2nd-Jonathan Peter Stirrup-Preston-08lb-04 1/2oz-Cod-Trot On 2
3rd-Graham Fraser-Whitby-08lb-02oz-Cod-Trot On 2

Day 8

1st-Lee Sturrock-Pontefract-09lb-04 1/2oz-Cod-Jean 'K'
2nd-Martin Dean-Driffield-07lb-13oz-Ling-Jean 'K'
3rd-David Lain-Richmond-05lb-02oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111

Day 9

Cancelled due to weather conditions

Day 10

Cancelled Due To Weather Conditions

Day 11

1st-Garry Lane-Stockton-On-Tees-06lb-04 1/2oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111
2nd-Carl Farrar-Wakefield-05lb-13oz-Ling-Trot On 2
3rd-Mick Long-Bury-04lb-11oz-Cod-Shy Torque 111

Day 12

1st-Ken Lydall-Runswick Bay (nr Whitby)-04lb-03 1/2oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2
2nd & 3rd-Mike Butler-Whitby-03lb-08 1/2oz & 02lb-12 1/2oz-Cod-Sea otter 2

Day 13

1st-Peter Gott-Kendal-03lb-02oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2
2nd-Jack Vero-Merrylees-01lb-14 1/2oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2
3rd-Jack Vero-Merrylees-01lb-09oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2

Day 14

Cancelled because of poor weather conditions.

Day 15

1st-John Morrison-Whitby-11lb-07 1/2oz-Cod-Trot On 2
2nd-John Morrison-Whitby-10lb-02 1/2oz-Cod-Trot On 2
3rd-John Morrison-Whitby-08lb-06 1/2oz-Ling-Trot On 2

Thanks to Glenn for the results and follow this link for more info and pic's about the festival

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